May 26, 2010

Take Advantage Of Your Puberty Years To Get Taller

In an effort to increase height for emergency situations or maybe to correct leg length discrepancies, surgery can be performed. The idea is to break the bone in the leg and insert plates in the gap to make up the length difference. The technique can be painful and take considerable time to heal. This is something that is not recommended for someone that just wants to get taller.

During your puberty years is the best time to take advantage of your hormones and growth to make yourself taller. It is at this time that your growth hormones are at their greatest and what you do during puberty will have a great affect on how you develop. Things to consider are your diet and how much exercise you get.

What you eat is very important not only during puberty but through out your life. If you are not feeding yourself what your body needs to grow and rebuild itself, you will be shortchanging yourself. Those that don't get enough to eat during their puberty years could have their growth curtailed or stunted altogether. These early years are when you have the best chance to reach your height potential so you do not want to interfere with it.

Getting plenty of exercise when young can help release the growth hormones that will help you gain more size. The kids that don't get outside to run around and play are missing out on some important elements in their growth. Vigorous exercise will release the hormones that the body needs.

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