May 04, 2010

Tips For An Irresistible Morning Men's Grooming Routine

You're absolutely irresistible. But are the things you do before you leave the house?...When it comes to pure good looking power, these 8 men's grooming tips are magic:
  1. Shower: A good shower with good body wash has numerous benefits. You'll smell great, your skin will look better, and your hair won't be greasy.
  2. Brush: When you brush, make sure you brush your tongue. Most people don't brush their tongue but all dentists recommend it. I guarantee after 2 weeks you'll have better natural breathe.
  3. Refine Your Face: Your face is the most important part of your appearance...Everybody sees it and it defines your look. So make sure you have no crust around your eyes, your nose-hairs aren't sticking out, you don't have a uni-brow, and your lips aren't chapped.
  4. Ear: No ear hair is vital. It's unattractive. But good news - it's very easy to remove. Also, use a swab or towel and get rid of morning and after workout ear wax.
  5. Nail Care: Women love when men have clean hands...Doesn't everyone? In business, your handshake could make or break you.
  6. Scent: Use an antiperspirant.
  7. Hair: The style and look of your hair can change the game. A guy who doesn't look good can easily transform with the right haircut. You can't go wrong with a short hair style. Research shows short hair is perceived more attractive on men.
  8. Be sure your hair is clean, healthy and well-groomed. Before you go out, shampoo, condition, style it with your fingers and put a little bit of product (whatever it is that you use). If you use gel, be sure not to load it on...You do not want your hair to look greasy. Remember that simple does the trick.
  9. Shoes Make The Man: Ever heard this statement? Well, it's true...Especially in a woman's eyes. For some odd reason, everybody looks at your shoes. It's probably because as human beings, we have the tendency to look down at times when talking to people. So make sure your shoes are clean!
  10. These 8 simple steps will do wonders for you...In fact, they'll create magic! Don't let these steps overwhelm you because I'm able to get through all 8 in 25 minutes each morning. If you're that guy who walks into a room looking so good, with so much self-confidence that all eyes are enviously on him then don't bother...


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