Soy lecithin, which has changed the nature of cholesterol, could serve as a "bulldozzer" bad cholesterol in the blood.
So that cholesterol does not cause a disaster for your body, surely the most do is to reduce levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides, and raise levels of good cholesterol (HDL). But how to raise HDL's? Certainly many, such as by exercising half an hour per day, not smoking, not consuming alcohol, and lose weight for those who are obese or overweight.
There are a lot of isoflavones in soybean has long been able to increase HDL. American Hearth Association research shows that consumption of soy products during the 3rd month in a row to increase the HDL an average of 4.7%. Research shows, the risk of heart attacks fell 2% to the decrease in total cholesterol 1%.
In soybeans, isoflavones that play a role not only positively related to the risk of cholesterol. Soy lecithin, which has the properties of the emulsion cholesterol, could serve as a bulldozer bad cholesterol in the blood.

In addition, vitamin E, soy can help prevent coronary heart disease and stroke. Because one of the benefits of vitamin E is to prevent LDL oxidation, so it does not form plaques that can clog arteries. This vitamin is able to rejuvenate the back so the back elastic artery.Then folic acid, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12 is also able to prevent coronary disease by stimulating the enzyme for homocysteine metabolism (which causes blood to clot easily)

Hopefully this information is useful for us all. Remember, it's better to prevent before getting sick.

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    Nutritional value of soybeans, is known for high nutritional value, containing the complete protein and contains 8 essential amino acids and is needed by the human body.

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