May 12, 2010

What is Phytonutrients?

Now there is a term you do not see every day - natural green phytonutrients.
The word 'phytonutrients' comes to us from two others: phyto, which has to do with plants, and nutrients, which is pretty clear from the start. In the case of Phytonutrients, they generally refer to natural foods that are very rich in chlorophyll.
You may remember from high school science class that chlorophyll is the component within plants responsible for photosynthesis. It's a very powerful material, and helps your body to rid itself of all manner of toxic materials: pesticides, drugs, and other harmful chemicals.
Why do we need Natural Green Phytonutrients?
When you consider how busy most people are these days, ask yourself when it was that you last had the time to sit down for a good, decent meal. Too often, we eat on the go, and that means eating too much of the wrong kind of foods. With Phytonutrients, they help to make up for those deficiencies in your diet. In addition, they actually enhance the effects of any dietary supplements you take.
Then there are the health reasons to eat Phytonutrients. Another issue we're seeing more and more today is autoimmune disorders. Diseases such as lupus, MS, diabetes, and various others are increasing. There are various oppinions many people will say it's pollution, and others will say poor nutrition. Perhaps it's a combination of both and still more factors. The main facts are they're increasing and something must be done. Now, you can take the pills that your doctor offers - every day, deal with the side effects and the cost, or you can look to some natural remedies and treatments.
Phytonutrients help the immune system to improve by stimulating the cells that destroy free radicals. These are the cells that cause a great many diseases. Additional important facts are these nutrients help decrease swelling in the body. Diseases like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis generally manifest themselves by doing just that - causing swelling in different parts of the body.
In fact, lupus is often defined by what is known as an elevated Sed Rate. This is short for Sedimentation Rate, a blood test that means the level of inflammation in the body. The higher the rate, the worse the disease is progressing. Well, this is where the Phytonutrients come in; they are a natural anti-inflammatory, and they do not have all the side effects that most medicines have.
Where to get Phytonutrients
In terms of general heath, Phytonutrients are an excellent source of so many vitamins, minerals, proteins (all of the essential amino acids), and fiber. Often times, you can buy a bottle of Phytonutrients in either powder or liquid form, and just take a few teaspoons each day.
maybe you have kid's who dislike their veggies - or even a spouse who's the same way - this is the perfect means of giving them all the recommended daily allowance they need.

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