April 19, 2010

11 Secrets of Successful Diets

11 Secrets of Successful Diets :
  1. Clear and realistic. Definition of clear objectives from our diets. Destination diet will actually lenih on changing eating habits and healthier lifestyles.
  2. Make a plan. Create a specific target, for example, want to decrease 2 pounds in a month will probably achieve more than just want to be thin.
  3. A sensible diet program. If there is a diet program that promises extraordinary results in just a month should be avoided, because it can negatively affect the long term.
  4. Do not starve yourself. Hungry for too long will reduce the speed to burn body fat. Our body fat to maintain energy reserves. Better not survive 4 hours without eating even a piece of cake. We can eat snacks that contain no fat yogurt or a small piece of fat-free wheat toast. This will help enhance metabolism and stabilize blood sugar. Do not add healthy foods.
  5. Do not be afraid of vegetables. Collaborate between green vegetables with protein.
  6. Enough knowledge about health and nutrition. The more knowledge the greater the chances of success nutrition healthy diet.
  7. Sports. If you're dieting, your metabolism speeds due to decreased fat burning. Now, we must increase the metabolism with exercise at least 45 minutes a day, by changing the focus of sports into fat-burning exercise.
  8. Strong faith. Discipline became a big capital in therapy at the dinner. Well, if you've sinned a night or two do not immediately surrender. Immediately returned to the rails on a diet. At best only delay the effect of weight loss.
  9. Gifts. If it is successful sacrifice nap with the exercise, we should give a gift to ourselves, especially if we are successful diet. For example the money that we normally use to buy 2 cups of ice cream we use to buy a CD movie.
  10. Patience. If you do not want to sacrifice health, we must be patient on a diet.
  11. Just peaceful. We do not force myself to change anything that is genetically embedded in our bodies. So when dieting success, do not immediately relaxed and negligent. Stay awake with the agency continues to actively continue the exercise and healthy eating patterns.

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