April 25, 2010

Do Not Forget Vitamin

There are many people who assume that vitamin efficacious for relieving tired or exhausted, and also for the fattening and nutritious healthy body. Is this true?.
First we must know first what vitamins, what properties, what kind, and others.
Vitamins are actually organic substances the body needs in very small quantities. These substances are needed for growth and maintenance of the body. These substances can not be manufactured by the body, so it should be there at the foods we eat. There are also vitamins that are made in the body rather than by a body such as vitamins B and vitamins K.
Normal body can store enough vitamin supply for 4 -12 months time. So if someone does not take vitamins for that period, there will be no effect nothing towards their health. And if we already consume enough nutritious food, it is no longer appropriate when we take drugs that contain vitamins. Except when our bodies in certain circumstances, such as intestinal disease (diarrhea), at the time of pregnancy, on children's growth period and at other infectious diseases. Because at the moment supply of vitamins in our body decreases.
Vitamins are divided into two major categories, the water-soluble vitamins (Vit B1, B2, B6, nicotinamide, B12 and Vit C) and oil-soluble vitamins (Vit A, D, E and K). If we consume too many vitamins, the vitamins are soluble in water is wasted through the urine (urine), while vitamin that is not soluble in water will continue to collect in the body which over time will lead to unfavorable effects on the body. For example the use of excessive vitamin A can cause changes in the bones, swelling under the skin and itching. Use of excessive vitamin D can cause calcium and phosphate mobilization from the skeleton, and calcium deposition of fatty tissue as blood vessels and heart.
Therefore advisable not to eat vitamin vain if they are not necessary. If foods contain enough vitamin the body needs a variety, so no longer need to waste money to buy vitamin pills or tablets.

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