April 26, 2010

Health Benefits For Pineapples

Not many people know the health benefits behind the delicious pineapple. In fact, not rare fruit that scales are accused of whiteness so no wonder if many women are unwilling to consume fruits on this one. In fact, recent research shows the pineapple with a powerful antioxidant and fiitokimia overcome premature aging, hemorrhoids, cancer, heart attacks and stress prevention.

Pineapple contains vitamin A and vitamin C. Both these vitamins are known to have activity as antiocsidan able to protect the body from various attacks of disease, including cancer, coronary heart disease, and premature aging.

Activism played oxidant activity of vitamin C and A could inhibit the oxidation rate of molecular targets, which in turn may stop the chain reaction formation of free radicals in the body believed to be the mastermind, or provocateurs of various diseases.

Results of scientific research shows the content of phenolic compounds such as myricetin anatar, quercitin, tyramine, ferulic acid in pineapple fruit can reduce free radical chain reactions in the body, which in turn can reduce the occurrence of cancer. Various natural antioxidants are believed to be a very powerful free radicals that did not stop hanging around looking for unsaturated fatty acids in the cell.

The same is done antioxidant vitamin-and beta-carbonic acid that can stabilize the carotenoid-lens cell membrane (eye) and keeping the concentration of glutathione. Thus, can prevent the oxidation of lipids in cell membrane so that we can avoid the lens of a cataract.

Existing bromelain in pineapple is believed to accelerate wound healing and the magnitude of the operation on joint pain. For hemorrhoid sufferers are encouraged to consume 4-5 times daily pineapple because bromelinnya can stop the bleeding and can destroy the fibers contained in defecating. 

Serotonin, in addition to a role, preventing cancer can also cause a phylogenetic banish stress is a neurotransmitter that plays a role in connecting the primitive and brain food.

With diligent eating pineapple, the body has an opportunity to stay young and avoid diseases associated with premature aging such as stress, cancer and coronary heart disease.


Dafthermit said...

i really enjoyed your blog my friend

many thanks for your comment on one of mine

peace and light

NinaLaZina said...

I love pineapples, but unfortunately brings me out in hives and I get an itchy throat. Anyway, don't let me put off all over pineapple lovers.

admin said...

@ Dafthermit : Thanks you. I just visited your blog too. (Dafthermit Highland Picture)

admin said...

@ NinaLaZina : I am sad to hear it. But there are some good ways to process the pineapple so that does not cause itching in the throat. Hopefully next time I can explain in this blog. Thank you for visiting.

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