April 28, 2010

Wonders of the VCO

During this time, accused of coconut oil as a "troublemaker" all sorts of diseases. Of elevated blood cholesterol, to increase the fat in the body. However, with Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO), charge it sank. To what extent are the benefits of VCO to health?
Bad image of palm oil to health has adhered for many years at the head of every man. Therefore, the necessary effort to break the myth. "Coconut oil has long been considered to not be consumed as a cooking oil, especially as pharmacitical product," explained Dr. AH. Bambang Setiaji, M. Sc, chemist and lecturer at the F-MIPA Universitas Gajah Mada University, Yogyakarta.
According to Bambang, the assumption of "wrong" this is the part of developed countries that incessant provocation to market oil from other materials, such as corn and soybeans, the result of their production. "Actually," continued Bambang, "Until now the theory that says coconut oil contains high cholesterol, have never been proven. Furthermore, for pure coconut oil."

Expensive drugs The image of palm oil growing up, after 2002, the United States who used to popularize the benefits of vigorous non-oil cooking oil, began to lift the image of this oil. This was stated by Prof.. Jon Kabara, and pharmacologist Professor from Michigan State University, as the central agricultural research there.
Now, in America, coconut oil used as medicine coronary heart disease and other degenerative diseases that exist today. "Included for energy enhancer for premature infants who can not drink milk. There Cocos oilum known, "said the man origin Waterford, Central Java.
According to Bambang, the United Coconut oil is used as a very expensive drug. Packaging in the form of gelatin capsules, or wrapped like fish oil. "A capsules cost about 8 U.S. dollars. The Americans buy pure coconut oil from the Philippines. Yet Indonesia is known as the largest coconut producer in the world. Why do not we develop it?"

Without Heating 
Actually, Bambang has started to take this virgin coconut oil research since 1979 in the laboratory F-MIPA UGM. Unfortunately, the bad image of palm oil had been so strongly embedded in Indonesia. New year 2003, Bambang again be able to continue penelitannya and funded by the Local Government of Yogyakarta.
"I've always made of pure coconut oil without heating process. Originally wanted to create a clear coconut oil, not rancid and durable," he said. Just so you know, coconut oil is produced through the heating process, as practiced by traditional societies and oil klentik known, was eventually contain cholesterol. In addition, the heating process can also cause smell and taste rancid. That happened because the anti-oxidants and other vitamins in coconut lost or damaged by the heating process.
Before Bambang managed to produce virgin coconut oil, he had to first conduct various experiments. "Initially there was the use of enzymes, microbes, vinegar, and others. There are so many methods I use to make coconut oil is not rancid. However, a more practical now virgin coconut oil can be produced using only the inducement of oil."
That is, the light of Bambang, who comes from coconut milk juice of grated coconut which has been given a 'teaser' pure coconut oil he produces from the laboratory. Then stirred and aged for 4-5 hours. After that virgin coconut oil will separate itself from the dregs of oil and water.
"After the provocation, the result will be divided into three parts. At the top, pure coconut oil, the middle part is the bottom dregs of oil and water." If the oil quality pancingannya bad, better results can be rancid.

Coconut oil is located at the top and is then separated into pure coconut oil or virgin coconut oil (VCO) which has many properties for health. One old coconuts virgin coconut oil can produce as many as 120 ml. According to the research, Bambang, if using young coconut, VCO will not be formed.
Bambang asserted, is different from the oil VCO klentik. "Palm oil is processed through the heating so that the content of his koleat and palmitate most widely so that it can increase blood cholesterol levels. Coconut oil used cooking even if it is so old and aged, a lot of free radicals and should not be consumed again. This information should be disseminated in the community, "said Bambang.

Similar Mother's Milk
As a researcher VCO, new in 2004 Bambang researching the health benefits of VCO. He also found that the compounds contained in this VCO was the same as those contained in Mother's Milk (ASI).
"VCO contains lauric acid as much as 48%. Meanwhile, Mother Milk, containing only 38%," explained the master of science graduates majoring in chemistry at Manchester University, England. Actually, said Bambang, lauric acid is not too much needed human body. However, "Mother's Millk" function, right, as a means of protecting the baby from the attack of various diseases. Breastfed baby will become more immune to diseases and more healthy body condition. Thus, for adults who consume VCO contains lauric acid as much as 48 %, certainly very good, right? "
Lauric acid is based on research conducted Bambang can turn off the virus that causes various diseases, ranging from common cold to HIV / AIDS. Includes a variety of degenerative diseases such as coronary heart disease, diabetes, and hepatitis. Even long been famous for palm oil may discolor hair and smooth delivery. "People who fall off hair or balding VCO can eat regularly."
Parents from the old days had been suggested that pregnant women drank coconut milk to the baby clean and smooth delivery. "It's not just a myth. And there is no taboo to pregnant women to menginsumsi VCO. Even from the study if the VCO can whiten your teeth often used to gargle," Bambang said that recovery from coronary heart disease after two years VCO drink regularly.
No Make Fat
VCO also has other features, that does not make fat people who eat them. "Hence this VCO can also be used as a diet drug to help. Because lauric acid can not be deposited as body fat, but easily removed from the body. Consuming VCO will make the cycle in the liver to be easily digested."
For people with diabetes, very good VCO consumed, easily digested so that the insulin because the body does not have a lot to get out and could be accommodated by the pancreas. Thus, insulin can actually be used to regulate blood sugar.
VCO can also create a bowel movement to be smooth because the oil flowed digestive tract, so that the VCO can also cure disease or hemorrhoids haemorrhoid. "The function of VCO is almost identical with vitamin C which will be out of the body along with a bowel movement," says this father of two sons.
However, Bambang warned, "If the VCO is too much to drink, the oil content in the digestive tract into lots and will cause diarrhea. But it will not become dehydrated or lack of bodily fluids." 

Honey mixed 
VCO should be taken at 3-4 tablespoons per day for adults and enough teaspoon 1-2 times per day for children. "To avoid feeling nauseated during swallowing VCO, can be mixed with honey or syrup. It will not affect the content of its VCO-kok," Bambang suggestions.
Eating VCO-shaped capsule, continued Bambang, are actually more difficult. "For a number of tablespoons of VCO is approximately 12-15 cc. Meanwhile, a capsule containing only 1 cc alone VCO. If constrained 2 cc, the size of the capsule will become very large and increasingly difficult to swallow," Bambang light.
Later, after the VCO is introduced as a product pharmaticical, Bambang also started researching the content of VCO-based formula to a range of beauty products, like body lotion, bath soap, face soap, facial cream, shampoo, lipstick, and massage oils. "It turns out from research results, VCO can refine and rejuvenate the skin, eliminating black spots, and strengthen skin tissue." 

Until now the research is still underway to find out more about the benefits of VCO to health. (Source Miracle of VCO, Bambang Setiadji)

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