April 21, 2010

Choosing the Right Yoga for You

You may think that yoga is a person in a position to sit quietly in meditation. Or you imagine yoga with special movements sagging body muscles, but afraid to do so because of the movements look like a stunt serve targeted. Another reason that makes you not want to yoga is because the feeling was no longer young age to do so. 
Do not feel afraid because there are different kinds of yoga to suit your level, age and body condition.
Here are some types of yoga to choose from:
  1. Astanga Vinyasa Yoga, This type of yoga popularized by renowned experts in India, K. Pattabhi Jois. Every movement adapted to pull and a gust of breath. This class is a dynamic yoga classes and much in demand by those who are active, like the type of yoga with a quick movement. Movement is comprised of movements performed in the same order so that once beberpa practice time this type, we will begin to memorize the sequence-sequence.
  2.  Iyengar Yoga, emphasis on detail in the conduct of a movement is good and right. Usually using equipment, such as chairs, blocks, yoga strap, blankets, etc.. If you have not been doing yoga and have certain health problems, such as backache, obesity, and other problems, this kind of appropriate for your needs.
  3. Bikram Yoga, or better known as hot yoga, because yoga practice is done in room temperature 36 to 42 degrees celsius. Using the same posture patterns, begins with breathing exercises followed by a series of other yoga poses.
  4. Yoga Prenatal, this type is suitable for mothers during pregnancy. In this type you will get a safe movements for pregnant according to the conditions and use of equipment, such as chairs, pillows, blankets, etc.
  5. Kids Yoga, this kind of special for the kids. The children will be taught yoga by using the names of funny and creative, so they can perform these movements with ease. Usually the surface gives the yoga teacher that the games be fun and not boring. By practicing yoga expected physical resilience of children to be better.

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