April 22, 2010

When Teenage Diet, Should?

Adolescence is a time of growth. Growth occurs both physically, which is marked by the development of tissues and organs that make lbih contains as well as psychological, emotional instability that is because it is a mental transition from childhood to adulthood.

Self-inquiry, that this period is usually called. The truth is those times that require special attention to adolescents and custody. Watchmen who will direct him to take the right decisions for themselves and their future.

Related to physical development, this is a time when one starts considering her circumstances and often nervous when they found the body was not ideal. Thus, many methods are used by teens to get into shape that they think are good and interesting.

Starting from this idea, and many teenagers eventually trapped in unhealthy eating patterns. They reduce meal portions, eating schedule and even trim.

 Results of research Dr. Dianne Neumark Minnesota and friends of the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, stated that approximately 2500 teenagers who follow the research, have a habit of unhealthy eating patterns to experience eating disorders. They really can lose weight drastically next five years but in fact gained weight and has the risk of having an eating disorder. Not infrequently they are suffering from anorexia.

Then, how is the actual diet for a teenager? Allow teens to diet? Does diet on teenagers will disturb the growth process? Actually if the adolescent does not have weight problems that interfere with the health, should not have to go on a diet. If you still want to go on a diet, this activity should be under the supervision of a physician. Teenagers should also be observant choose a healthy diet.

Then how to achieve a good body and ideal weight? The key is to eat enough nutritious and diligent exercise. Because if you force yourself to diet while state agencies do not really need it, rather than an ideal body that is obtained, but the risks that threaten health. Physical growth and intelligence are not the maximum could have been caused by indiscriminate diet.

Really smart assumption that teens are teens slim? Indeed, lean body looks more attractive views at first sight. But only enough to reach there, because the most important is the attitude, behavior, and content of the brain.

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